The Witnesses

Whitney Award 2013 Finalist
Book #2 in the dystopian fiction two-book series

(The Witnesses is a sequel to The Believer. If you haven’t read The Believer, and would like to, don’t read this blurb. It contains spoilers for Believer).

Welcome to New America, where patriots are traitors and religion is a crime. After government agent Daniel Lansbury fakes the executions of three believers on national television, he and the fugitives Alisa Kent, Ian Roshek, and Ian’s sister, Jill face the perilous task of outwitting President Amanda Ryce and her power-hungry Council long enough to escape to freedom. While a government reformer is on their side, rigorous new security measures thwart any chance of aid. And Daniel’s estranged father, Marcus, an underground terrorist leader, is hatching plans to sabotage the breakable trust between Daniel and Ian and put himself in power at the head of the nation. As faith and loyalties come under fire, the fugitives struggle to stop Marcus and his zealous terrorists and bring to light the wrongs committed against the citizens of this fragile, fledgling nation.

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Release date: October 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
288 pages, 6X9 paperback, e-book, and audio book